Saturday 19 December 2009

Calne Aquathlon Series Race 3 - December 19th 2009


Today was race 3, temperature has been below freezing for last few days, and hadn't been *too* excited about getting out of a wet pool into the sub zero air for a run!

I'd packed jumper, leg warmers, 2 pairs of gloves, buff (not muff) for transition so i could layer up... as if transition doesnt take long enough for me!!

Was a bit late getting there so was pretty rushed due to car refusing to defrost..... so got in, registered, numbered up, quick change and headed to the poolside. a few people had failed to turn up (pussied out cos of the cold i bet :-P ) so had 2 in the lane so we said we'd go up and down rather than round and round.

Pool was super warm today :-) Same distance - 400m, i've been working pretty hard on my swimming with club the last couple of weeks so was hoping to see some improvement on last time. Got off to a good start, having to breath unilaterally though for most of it though, concentrated on pushing off the wall better, kicking harder and keeping my shoulders up. I tired a little between 250 and 350 but managed to pick it back up for last 50, got to the end checked my watch.......... 8:30!!! :-) :-) hurrah!! super happy with this. :-) my HR was through the roof though, at 179bpm, considering my running max HR is 186.

Hauled myself out of the pool and trotted outside...


Dilly dallied a bit in trasnsition as always, but didnt bother with the jumper, just wore my tri suit, just bunged on my race belt, socks, shoes and picked up my glove and ran out.... i put my gloves on, on themove, the air hit my lungs like splinters. took 90 secs between pool and getting out on run. God knows how slowit would have been with jumper and leg warmers!!

I've not really been concentrating very much oin my running lately due to the focus on the bike and swimming, so have mainly been doing steady aerobic stuff with the exception of a tempo run on thursday which wasn't anything quicker than half marathon pace.

The run was fairly uneventful, 5k out and back as usual... two people were ahead of me out of the pool from my wave, there was luckily no ice on the pavements, a bit of frost on the grass, but aside from the cold air it was actually a really nice day, sunny and bright. Last 500m was running with a fella who was trying to see where the gap in the hedge we had to run through was cos the sun was blinding... and the icicles in our eyes werent helping! :-)

The last 500m always seems further than it does on the way out. Ran back into the car park, through the finish 22min for the run, pretty average but i'm not too displeased with it given my lack of focus.

Went inside to warm up and stretch, touched my head and had a ponytail thickwith ice, bright red legs, frosty ass, and the coldest nips i've ever experienced!!!! :-P Warm shower, mulled wine while waiting for results.

3rd lady again :-) Need to keep it up to get a placing at end of series!!! But there's a new lady entered who came 2nd who's a bit quick!!

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