Tuesday 2 February 2010

Calne Aquathlon Race 4/5

So it goes on..... Aside from this i'm 13 weeks into my 38 week Ironman training schedule, all my running is based on aerobic efforts (so under 75% of max HR) with the odd (like 3/4 weekly) 2 - 3 minute burst of 85%!! (those really do excite me! ) So my point in that is that to keep my HR down therei hve to run painfully slowly!! I was starting to worry that's that the speed my legs think they are to run at. Alas the training seems to be working slowly (geddit!) and i'm starting to run quicker for the same effort level.

Thursday i did my 75 min run home from work (painfully slooooow, with 3 lots of 2 min 85%!! Woo!) and i had to keep ducking onto the verge to escape oncoming lorries in the dark on the main road, thought nowt of this til later... had a really tought swimming session (vo2 max - 14 reps of 100m puke speed - i very nearly did!) I'm getting to the point.... got out the pool and my right foot felt a bit weirdy like it was bruised slightly.

Next day it stilll felt a bit weird, was a rest day so did nowt, but told myself if it was still iffy on saturday i'd not race, wokeup on sat and it felt ok.. i took a couple of painkillers in case (as you do) an off i plopped to the race.

Getting quite friendly now with the regulars of the series so had a little chat got changed and marked up, put my trainers and stuff in transition - icy frost everywhere and about freezing point - "5 degrees warmer than last time" i was told!)

I was in the first of 3 waves, only two in m lane cos someone was a no show, so me and the guy siad we'd go up and down beside each other instead of behind - cos its annoying ifyou either get caught up and have to pull over or have to overtake.

Pool was nice and warm, set off on the 2nd whistle at puke speed minus 5 (i'm making that up) i've no guage of speed in the pool - i seem to cover the distance the same speed whether i'm maxing out of bimbling along! i got about 3 lenghts in and felt really CBA'd about it, and m breathing wasnt' very comfortable so i decided to just go for technique, rather than thrash y way up the pool. I checked my watch at 200m and was 4:15 - that aint bad for me, so kept going this pace/effort. Hit the 400m at the same time as the other guy in my lane who'd started off 10 secs ahead, checked my watch 8:45! ooopsy! :D

Climbed out, trotted outside..

"brrrrr!" bungd on me trainers and race number, and ran off, left matey fiddling with transition, was a minute from leaving the pool to gettig out onthe run, so this is getting better :-)

I decided to aim for short fast strides as i've been doing on my tuesday run sessions to save a bit of energy and see if y training was benefitting me in any way. Felt goooood, matey was about 100 yrdsbehind me now he'd got his daps on... i didnt notice the cold now. About 500m in you have to turn off - there's a big bright yellow sign and arrow! Having done this course 3 times in as many months and driven past the sign on my way here i was familiar with the route...

you'd think so right??

apparently not, i took the turning before the one i was meant to (there was no sign) after about 20 m i didnt recognise it anymore, but instead of turn back there, i carried on for a bit further (just to be sure it was the wrong way y'know?) So about turn after about 50m and got back on course, over took matey (who'd by nowcaught up, overtaken!) and plooded on cursing myself!

Matey came past me at some point, it was al rather uneventful after that, the paths weer a bit icy in places, didn see many people on the route until nearly at the end where the 2nd and 3rd waves were getting out on the run, got back through the finish, checked my watch, 22:40 for the run - not too bad considering the wrong turn and lack of speed work i've been doing.

When i got back i realised i'd lost my nipples somewhere on the course!! that'll teach me for running in just a tri suit.

Some lady then started asking me how i liked my tri suit and did i not find that particular one holds on to water? (i dont think she was a rep!?) but i said, i don't know the difference as its all i've ever warn, but it does hold onto the ice!!

Anyhooo... came third, and still holding onto 3rd for the series with one race to gooo!

oh the point of the foot thing is that now, i have a club foot - i did my long run on sunday and it was a bit niggly, but ok, then last night i swam and it's angered it so now i canny run for a few days.... hmppf


  1. i do hope you have found your hairy nips! :p

  2. I thought I posted on this yesterday! Straaange

  3. well that worked. Well I felt very cold reading your post. Well done, on running/swimming in much coldness. You obviously lack the inner whinge I have.

  4. Wow, go girl. Brilliant! Get that foot seen to by a doc or you might never be able to do anything after switzerland. I doff my hat to you young lady.


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