Tuesday 23 February 2010

Feb 20th Calne Aquathlon Race 5/5

Well I unfortunately didn't make the last of the race series as the injury from last month has been lingering since, went to the physio and turned out i'd sprained the medial ligament in me cankle.

So rest, bit of electro therapy or something and no racing/running. Am getting back into it again slowly but only ran twice a week for the last few weeks whilst rehabilitating it. Not ideal for training but better than making it worse.

Anyhow, didn't go but i had a call about lunchtime to tell me i'd won a prize :-) and what's the best kind of prize?

A sur-prize!

I got 2nd lady!! yay. i thought i was 3rd in the series so this was a better result. There was quite a big gap between 1st and me cos she's a dead quick swimmer and min or two quicker on the run. A ten quid voucher for total bath fitness came through today so will buy some socks or something :P

That's it.... i've not got many more races planned now before switzerland, i may do the summer series and some time trials but nothing set in stone. Really wanted to do the ballbuster again at beginning of march but it doesnt really fit in.


  1. yaay to second lady!
    dont forget to blog your running socks :P

  2. Wow - sur-prizes are the best kind! :D
    Isn't there a little race taking place in Florida before Switzerland..?!
    Hope to see you at Bath - you coming for lunch? x

  3. Oi, Buckingham...its been a month.....

  4. dint fink anyone read this drivel!

    am doing a 100 mile sportive on sunday - will give you a treat when i've removed the saddle from my arse!! :)

  5. That's it....I love it when you talk dirty!

  6. how'd you know i was a buckenham rob??


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