Monday 31 January 2011

Peeeee Beeeeeeee! :D

Yay! :-)

20:45. Didn't quite reach puke speed but near, feels great considering i'm way over my racing weight.

had a couple of beers after and really fancied a fag! :P then pedalled hard home buzzing :) In theory if i keep at it, lose kilos i could get under 20....?

Record turn out tonight too and Pb's all round :)


  1. juluz
    well done u fanny fast twat.
    what no post race face photo, im dissapointed, take one now and add it, dunt fget to smile :Dxx

  2. i coulda added a pic of me drinking my pint... but i aint got a good side :( x

  3. Boyaka!

    That must've given you a buzz. I reckon it's all the quinoa you've been eating ;)

  4. excellent! I'm so proud/jealous x

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