Friday 9 October 2009

Wed 2nd Sept 2009 - Swindon 5k Back in a Flash

Had forgotten today was the "back in a flash 5k" til someone reminded me yesterday so hadnt really planned it, but thought if my leggies felt ok i would. they did, so i did.

convinced my ex to do it too, he doesnt run more than 3-5 miles so thought he might be up for it. So picked him up, registered with 5 mins to spare jogged to the start in the p1ssing rain. Ran it last year so new the course. But the organiser went through it..

"down there, up over the spinny motorway bridge, through the barriers, round the bollard, back the way you came, over the spinny motorway bridge and to the finish"

fairly flattish dirt track course, the spinny bridge isnt flat or dirty but its fun and make you feel like you're going up and down a heltaskelta

klaxon went, elbows out, ran off, legs felt really tight for first km, ronny was just behind me, moaning about a stitch. then ronny overtook, then the shortest sweatiest lady i ever did see overtook! Up spinny bridge travelator at top, down spinny bridge - weeeeeeeee!

Saw the long legged speedys from my club coming back towards me, got to the turn around point in 11:15 - bumholes :-( wanted to get then in idealy 10ish. legs didnt want to go faster, old man roger overtook me, right thats it, noone else is allowed to go past!! so i overtook a few people. back up over spinny helta skelta, steady climb back to last km, 400m to go sign appeared, tried to kick in to a new gear, but coudnt, lady appeared next to me but i didnt have any fight in me to keep her at bay :-(

finished in about 6th place, 22:24 - which i'm p1ssed off with. :-( 2 seconds sower than ast year -
realy wanted nearer to 20. hmpf. Ex beat me by 80 seconds.

I'd ike to say i let him. But i didnt. just didnt perform well.

Then went straight to my first swimming lesson - that was fun :-)

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