Thursday 8 October 2009

Sun 15th Feb 2009 - Salisbury 10k

Hellllooooo!I had sort of sacked off the pledge around thursday as i'd decided 2 days off, and suspected a rest day today as i'd done my long run yesterday. but during the afternoon my legs still felt fresh, so said that id see how i felt this morning whether or not to do Salisbury 10k.

Got up this morning feeling really good, so decided to go along and register. The course is one of my favourites so was glad i got along, its not a particularly fast course due to the mixed terrain and fairly heavy going mid section which is rolling hills over a narrow mud track. But has lovely views across the wiltshire countryside.

I set off possibly a bit quick doing 7:15 over first 2k, but i think part of this was in preparation for what was to come as knew it would slow me down. Got to the half way point at about 21 mins where it was just starting to get a bit dirty and hilly, i was told by a steward i was 4th lady so far, so i kept the ladies who were 2nd and 3rd in my sight - though the 2nd lady had overtaken me at 3k and there was no way i was catching her!

After about 6.5k it was back on road and fairly straightfoward, no big hills, but a little up and down, still chasing lady number 3!! I think the last 1.5 km was a slight drag up hill but not uncomfortable, but i could start to feel yesterdays long run taking it's toll on my speed.

Ended up finishing in 45:42 which i was happy with due to it not being a fast course and having ddone my long run yesterday in 4th place (ladies) number 3 came in abuot 200m ahead of me, but i did all i could to chase her down! Medal, mars bar and bottle of water to go home with too!

The people on the course and supporter/stewards were really lovely too, lots of good spirit and comradery (sp) which is really nice as some of the club focused races i've done recently have been a tad cliquey. There was a family fun run going on too so that may have a lot to do with it.

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