Friday 9 October 2009

Weds 10th June - Lethbridge 10k

powered by date and walnut :-)

Firstly i owe a big thanks to Jglencross for getting Lethbridge 10k people to change her entry to my name xx

I had been slack at entering as wasnt sure i'd be fit after time off/lady ops etc so thought i could enter on the day - wrong.

Was dithering about at folks trying to decide whether to go or not ate some f mums world famous date and walnut cake and decided to go and see if it was ok to run.

Anyhow, i got there and they were super lovely and changed the details Met a few others from club and littered peoples windscreens with fliers for our club race (i hate that - what a hypocrite!)

Had a bit of a hangover this morning and because i'd not reckoned on racing today i'd prob done too many miles mon/tues. Then i had a bad tummy just before, which thankfully shut up as soon as i started running.

Course was about 75% off road on a narrow, wet muddyish trail which was pretty hard work. first km was in 3:40 - bit quick..... but steadied up into a comfy pace. Was overtaken by a lady from the gym who i don't like - she's about 4 ft all, amazing tan, toned to perfection and wears a lerotard in body balance class! (jealous - moi??) that annoyed me, but i wasnt gonig to push it too soon as i knew the 2nd half of the course was a lot harder.

Splashing through mud and puddles, on a path i know well as its round by my folks house where i have run for years, the course is differnt to normal and went across some horrid rocky farm track then through some new housing development which was a bit dull.

The support on the course was really good and not expected for such a small eevent (about 350 runners) and in this rain too. The rain wasnt a hinder really, it was quite refreshing. The last 3k was seriously hard work, up hill, muddy and the only thing keeping me going was mamas cake. I came 7th lady as was pipped in the last 300 metres by a girl in pink.. did 45:45 which i'm dead happy with for that course. once mor thanks to julia (and my mama's cake) xx our club got 3rd prize for ladies

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