Saturday 10 October 2009

Sunday 13th Sept 2009 - Halesowen Sprint Triathlon

Was a shorter one than last week so deserves a short report - i fear i'm boring you with my epics!

So... Swim - 400m - 12 lenghts of 33m pool. Hated the pool. it was realy deep and the lanes didnt have very good dividy things - just rope that i couldnt see well, and cos the deep end was so deep there were massive slopes into the shallower sections and vicce versa which made me feel like i was swimming into an abyss.

Got out at the end and took ages hauling my vastness out the pool which had about a foot between the edge and the water. Time: 9.51 (watch said 9:37 when i finished swim so took me neary 20 secs to heave myself out) - consistently sh1t time on previous.

T1 - I rarely do this but OMG!!! Total disaster. The transition took you down 2 flights of stairs (safe being that you're dripping water) out to the racks, went wrong way, due to no signage, got sent back, ran to bike, shoes on, vest on... nope... vset caught up round neck, number al tangled up, rippping... get the vst untangled and see my quandry!! D1ckhead i am, i'd pinned my number to the vest but pinned the front and back of vest together so spent aaages trying to unpin myself repin number, finally got my hat, gloves etc on and out of transition - took me a massive 4 mins!!!! flipping heck.

Bike: 25km - all i can say is it was all hill. my legs were burning from start to finish. It wasnt the safest route either, much of it was on dual ccarriageway (a long draggy one!) and a bit foggy in places. I did notice though that someone had kindly put tape on the end of my handlebar cos i'd lost the tape grip stopper thing 54 mins

T2 - shoes, hat, specs off, socks and trainers oon (blisters from last week hadnt yet recovered so had to wear sockies) 1min15

Run - 5k offish road, always look forward to the run as it's my strongest leg and set off at a fairly good pace, was mostly a gravelly track, undulating but not steep in any place. Was an out and back which i normally hate but i quite like in short races as i get tro try and race myself back. Like last week no markers exccept for runners. So once more used runners as markers to overtake, though there werent many ti the turnaround. Finish was 100m stretcch up hill ( nice) time 23ish so not too badtotal time 92 mins, not sure of my placing (not top 3) but my run was one of the fastest of the women, my swim at best 2nd slowest!

Need to work on my cycling as the swim is consistently sh1t but im' having coachin for that, my running is consistently average and the bike is generaly quite crappy slow. Last one next week - but its open water so a different kettle of fish entirely!

p.s. no p1ssing in shoes this week! (no carrot cake either!)

Edit - that was meant to be short!! oops/pp.s i met THE MOST BORING MAN IN THE WORLD today. he made me want to tie a garrote round my neck.edit2: I did enjoy it, reading it bacck it does sound a bit doom and gloom!!

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