Friday 9 October 2009

Wed 8th July 2009 - Chippenham 5k River Run

i'm too tired to go into much detail so here's a skimmed down version:

5k river run tonight, mosty club runners, off road, heavy legs, hi 5 to mate marshaling on way round, no km markers upset me, too narrow to ovetake even if my legs would let me, reeaaaaaally long last km (if it was that - i wouldnt know as there were no markers - did i already say that?) was maybe top 15 - i dunnno but will find out tomorrow, i just know i felt veeery sloth like so not happy with it, managed 21.31 - wanted around 20 so raspberries to that.

pint of milk after instead of ultimate porridge the end xedit: i was 9th lady

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