Friday 9 October 2009

Sunday 16th August 2009 - Castle Combe Duathlon

Castle combe duathlon today. 5k run/21k cycle/3k run

All yesterday my hamstrings had felt tight and knees stiff so wasnt surprised when they still felt that way this morning. Took some painkllers but that didnt seem to make much difference.
Met Chrisse (previously floppypig1) in the carpark who'd been on the beers last night and had chit chat.

Racked bike, had originally intended leaving feetie wear left clipped into pedals but decided id just leave them wide open on the floor to jump into.

5k run: a lap and a bit of the race track - nice n flat n fast. Not that my legs would let me go fast. I set off and my hamstrings said "cough, computer says no" my breathing felt irratic and my chest was tight. I thought then about giving up as a bad job. About 1k in still trying to find my stride and a little speedy blonde lady (chrisse) overtakes me, didnt even try to keep up with her!! :-p after about the half way point i started to get a better stride but my legs wer still really painful so just plugged away and decided to run my own race and not think abuot elbowing and "ggggrrrrr" type things like normal.

Into transition and the 5k stage was about 23 mins - far from quick but it'll do. Found my beautiful bike, unlaced my trainers (would have ust lobbed them off but i knew i had to then get them back on for the last leg. Right foot bleeding from a blister from gyppy socks that had slipped down. Into spds, helmet on and ran out of transtion and onto bike.

Bike stage was 7 laps of the race track.....I whizzed off at first and thought that i might make up some time. but i hit the top corner and nearly got blown off sideways, then for pretty much the rest of the circuit was riding in to a head wind that practically had me stationery. It didnt stop the massive men whooshing past though! Every time a rider overtook i was expecting to to be speedy blondey :-) Saw my dad at the first lap and cheeky b*gger said "ccome on faster" which really p1ssed me off. clearly he didnt see my sweaty red face!

From about the 4th lap my right knee was hideously painful and the winds were making it increasingly difficult to maintain any kind of speed. Except on the one small section where the wind was behind you i had to take as much advantage to gain a little bit back as i could. Also from about lap 4 there were people on the last leg already which totally made me feel cr*p.
Finally got to the end of the bike leg and thankfully wasnt the last one out there!! Bak into transition which i completely dawdled with as i was hmmppfy by now. So racked m bike back up and took a while tying me trainers ack up. the ride took forever and am ashamed of how slow it was :-(

3k run: Normally my legs are hideous after the cycle when i go straight into the run but today it actualy felt ok. I didnt have the stiff knee running through treaccle thing but it felt pretty good. it was on grass to begin so this might have helped that it wasnt straight bakc onto the tarmac track. I overtook everyone who i encountered including a funny american lady who said "this isnt what i'm used to, i'm used to 100 mile rides, this is just sh1t" which made me laugh. :-)

Finally made it through the finihs line with a "bloody hell" into my mum and dad and some man who came to take my chip off me - i thouhgt he was coming to give me a hug and a rub down but alas he wasnt :-( ast leg was an even sh1ttier time of 15ish mins

Got a goodie bag and a little trophy which was nice :-)

Was gonna stick around and do a 10 mile time trial but after the adrenelin had worn off my knee kills and am now sulking a little. BUt i'ts myown fault cos i've overtrained this week, shouldnt have TT'd on thursday and have been fuelling myself with garbage.

Next race is my first triathlon in two weeks so i'm going to have 2 weeks of training and eating like i used to and see what difference that makes. Also need to start running properly again as i've a few half marathons coming up

Oh and i failed my pledge cos TT on thurs stopped fridays run.... but didnt give into martins peer pressure so :-P
p.s. i think i met my comfort zone today :-)

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