Friday 9 October 2009

Sunday 30th August - Malmesbury Sprint Triathlon

Today was my debut to triathlon..... 400m pool swim, 22k bike, 5k run.

Arrived at malmesbury leisure centre, racked my bike, laid out all the stuff i'd need for trainsitions - lots of nice bottom'd men about ( several wibbly bumm'd ones too and women too!)
My start time was pretty early cos i'm a sh1t swimmer so they like to get the people who swim like a one finned trout out the way first. I'd guessed 10 mins for my swim so was with like speeded people.

4 people to a lane in the pool, i was in there with 3 blokes (not of the nice bumm'd variety unfortunately). I was 4th to go, they let you go in 5 second gaps.

By the time i got half way down the lenght i'd caught the guy in front, the etiquette was to tap them on the foot and they were to sto pat the end of the lane and let you overtake... i tapped him a couple of times, and had to slow, he didnt stop at the end, so turned round and i tapped him again and overtook. Got into quite a comfy stroke, about half way through i colided with someone overtaking on my side of the lane, and had to stop briefly to cough up a lung full of water. Carried on, and got caught behind someone else, and had to do breaststroke for a few strokes as there was someone coming in the other direction so coculdnt overtake. When he'd gone, i sped up and passed the dude in front after grabbing at his trotters afew times!!Got out the pool checked my watch and ran out the door over the chip jobby.

Ran to transition, fonud my bike, shoved on a head band, my vest (the wrong way round) put it back on the right way round, shoved on gloves, helmet and grabbed the screaming bianchi and ran out of transition. which was a totaly slowcoach sh1t time.

Got into a fairly good pace for the first few miles, and wasnt overtaken by anyone which is always good! The ccourse was quite draggy in places and blowy, and couldnt maintain my speed. was an out and back the return trip was a bit better as the wind was behind. But i could hear squeaking i didnt know if it was me or my bike... but it turned out to be my brake pads too tight - i'd had a bike maintenance lesson from a friend yday and had put them bacck too tight. I also dropped my chain twice on the ride, which lost a bit of time. Had in my head KOL song sex is on fire, but replacing it with

"thighs are on fiiiiiire!" cos they were. :-)

Came back into transition, and got confused about where to go as the numpty marshall wasnt very clear, jumped off bike, and ran to the racks.

CChucked of spds, helmet, gloves, and speccs, and pulled on sccks and running shoes (wouldnt normally bother with socks but got a gyppy blister and dint want to make it worse) - again another sh1t transition.

Ran out of transition like a boundy bunny! Course was mostly flat, with a drag for first km. again out and back. overtook everyone who came up, wasting breath saying "well done" etc, cos they didnt seem to be grateful at all! :-P Back down to wards the leisure centre and they kindly threw in a b1tchy hill to finish on!! Was like running up the travelator on gladiators! through the finish and THE END. oh and i was dying for a pee the whole way of the run... :-)

Totaly loved it and really happy! :-) Pretty pleased with my swim and run times.

Official times wereSwim: 9:53T1 - 2.08 i thinkbike - 50:48T2 - 1.50 ishRun - 23:00

So i didnt ccome first so i must be last! :-) total time was about 1hr27 which i know from look at last yrs results is a sack of dog turd but i'm dead chuffed, need to work on the biking though .

No cider as i'm being a good girl for a couple months to shift some lard :-P :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

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